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About Kimberly StraussDesignsLLC

Kimberly Strauss Designs LLC represents elegance, style, happiness, peace and a commitment to exceeding design expectations.  These words describe the journey and transformative experiences which make KSD LLC unique yet familiar.  Transforming spaces is an art that involves having insight into the clients business or family lifestyle.  KSD LLC has established strategic relationships. with local and international interior /exterior decor , lighting, art and holiday decor that is available to our clients that can fit any budget.  KSD LLC has a range of services that also include a well appointed front door and or front porch service that changes scenes with the seasons.  


The Small Details

Kimberly creates the overall visual plan right down to the smallest inch. Her designs have a wow factor that you can spot from across the room, with perfect little details that are nestled to wow you when you take a closer look.

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